Hello👋 beyond timers,

Last week we released an exciting new update that will significantly improve your experience using the app. I want to give you a quick update — an overview of the changes and the reasons behind why we made them.

As you know, we designed beyond time as a companion to help you design your life. At the core is a process that helps you audit your time and habits based on what you do every day. If you don’t enter the data diligently, though, there is not much insight you can derive from beyond time that will actually be helpful for you.

The second most important part of the product is the analytics on top of your routines and habits. The richness of analytics comes from how we slice the routine and habit data you’ve entered — and how interesting those insights are in helping you optimize your time and energy levels.

Since the foundation of how well Beyond Time works for you is based on how much you comply with entering the data, we always want to invest time and resources to make it as easy as possible. Similarly, we want to make the analytics as interesting as possible.

1. Home tab

Previously, entering the data was a little monotonous, with a long list of timeslots that needed to be assigned to daily routines or tasks. Besides, it was a pain to realize how well your day progressed wrt the routines. We’ve solved them both.

In the new UI, we now have more engagement with metrics for each part of the day. This means that the time you spend across the various routines is clearly visible for you for various parts of the day - morning, afternoon, and evening, so you can course correct as the day progresses. This readjusting will help you plan well for the day that’s remaining.

2. Reflection/ Winding Down

Reflection is an important part of Beyond Time, as it helps you analyze how your day went - qualitatively speaking. This reflection on a 10-point scale helps you understand the kind of things that drain you vs. the kinds of things that energize you. This qualitative audit of the day helps you design the ideal life you want to live over time.

As simple as reflection is, there is a high chance that you might miss completing it at the end of a long day. But if you don't reflect, making changes based on qualitative assessment becomes hard. So, we made this section clearer on your home page’s timeline — right after the cards that help you assign the routines, we now have a prominent display of the reflection section, so you don’t miss it for the day.

Also, as you start your day, we will prompt you in case you forgot to reflect at the end of the previous day.

3. 14-day Reports

We added a new 14-day report for the routine analysis and re-arranged the UI to make it cleaner. The new 14-day report helps you analyze how you are trending with your routines and habits without waiting the full month. Besides, the 14-day reporting is free to use if you are still trying beyond time.

Consider subscribing if you haven’t already.


4. Habit Analysis

Previously, habit analysis merely showed how compliant you were in keeping up with a certain habit over time. But we are now extending this to show the details of the days you complied with a certain habit, when you did not, and when you did not record it at all. These details will help you give a more comprehensive overview and help you get better at developing habits over time.

A few more updates:

  • Now you can create custom routines and habits while onboarding as well, so you are prepared to start using beyond time right after you land on the home screen.
  • Starting the day is a little different and cleaner now. Unlocking the day too.
  • Access to reports for 14-days is free.
  • You can edit or assign routines or track habits for the previous 30 days instead of 5.

Please stay tuned and keep that feedback coming. Wish you more success with conquering your time!


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