Habits are fundamental to your well-being. In fact, they define the quality of your life, the clarity you have in your thoughts, and even help you succeed in life. Habits stand as the foundational pillars on which you are building your life. No doubt good habits enhance your life, while bad ones destroy it.

There are many generally accepted good habits that you would find useful to adopt into your life. And there are also several specific habits you may want to adopt based on your own life’s situation and priorities. Habits can make or break you.

Why We Adopt Bad Habits.

We adopt bad habits simply because they serve some purpose for us — whether it is to help us forget our troubles, pass the time, or even for fun or due to social pressure. As we usually find some benefit in bad habits, we usually continue doing them and never strive to find a way out, although we know we are not on the right path. Usually, over time these bad habits persuade us to adopt more bad habits and eventually lead us on a path to nowhere.

The best way to remove bad habits from our lives is to replace them with a different habit that serves the same purpose. For instance, if we can find a good habit that helps us cope with anxiety, we might have a solution to remove the bad habit that we have already adopted for dealing with the same. Sometimes, merely telling all your family and friends about your plans to quit bad habits may work wonders. Cutting down on the triggers for those bad habits might be another way out. There is so much help on the topic today that it doesn’t feel too tough to give up on things that are detrimental to you and your success in life.

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Measure Your Habit Compliance.

Building good habits and getting rid of bad habits are things you can track every day with a simple tracker. As the days pass, you can check your habit compliance to understand how well you are adhering to them. This measurement on a daily basis can act as a great motivator for you to maintain and not break your habit streak.

Many times we often start developing a habit, miss it for a day, and use it as an excuse not to come back to continue developing the habit. That is, once we lose the streak, we don’t think it is worth continuing. The best way to develop a habit, though, is to not worry about temporary setbacks and play the long game. If you miss keeping at your habits once or twice, you should totally be ok with it and step back into the game of developing the habit as soon as you can.

Be Genuine Every Time.

It is important that you always be genuine with yourself when it comes to measuring how well you are progressing when it comes to habits. When it comes to recording or measuring your own habit compliance, remember that garbage in is garbage out. If you tend to record data that is not in line with reality, you are recording data that is useless for you later on when you want to understand if you have made progress.

In this age of social media, where optics matter more than reality, it is easy to get carried away and fake progress in front of the world while hiding the real truth. Never let that happen when you are working on your own personal development — esp. because there is no one to watch over your shoulder except yourself.

How Beyond Time helps.

Measuring habit compliance helps you analyze how you are doing over time. Beyond time offers a simple private habit tracker that allows you to measure habit compliance on a daily basis. You can add as many habits as you like, record compliance against them every day, and even skip them when they don’t make sense for the day.

But there’s more. By having a habit tracker alongside a suite of features that help you track your time qualitatively and quantitatively, you get a clear sense of how the habits you are developing or getting rid of are affecting the quality of life, work, health, or sleep. Over time, this data is a gold mine that helps you understand and keep you motivated to comply with the habits.

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